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About the General Fee

The mandatory general fee provides revenue to support services, programs, facilities, and materials that cannot be fully supported through tuition or state appropriation funding. These services, programs, facilities, and materials help you to succeed as a student and contribute to a positive learning environment on campus. This fee is also known as an incidental fee at some other universities, and the programs, services, and facilities that the fee funds are often referred to as auxiliaries. All students whether graduate, professional or undergraduate pay the general fee. For more information on tuition and fees, please see the Office of the Bursar website.

Every state college or university has general fees in addition to tuition that support the institution's mission and enhance the quality of life for students. These fees pay for many of the indirect and direct services to students that are not specific to instruction. Examples of these areas include providing health and counseling; offering leadership opportunities through student organizations and student government; and ensuring a dynamic and vibrant campus through a variety of student activities and events outside the classroom, such as Intercollegiate athletics, club sports, intramurals, wellness/fitness centers, and student unions.

The General Fee Advisory Board is composed of undergraduates, graduate students, and selected administrators and faculty members in order to provide advice on:

  • Investing campus-wide mandatory fees to enhance student success and create a vibrant campus environment.
  • Improving student life by identifying and prioritizing student needs.
  • Developing and applying a philosophical framework for fee investment and allocation.
  • Improving campus climate for all students at IUPUI.

Students are appointed to the Board each year by the respective Presidents of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Government. Faculty representation is appointed by the Faculty Council.

Questions and feedback about the general fee process can be submitted by clicking here.