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Student Life Fee Advisory Board

General Fee Advisory Board Composition and Process

Each year the Division of Student Affairs sets divisional priorities in conjunction with campus priorities and the needs of the students. In January of each year, the Division of Student Affairs Executive Leadership Team, along with the Director of Finance for the division and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance reviews proposals and prioritizes all critical infrastructure/personnel/federal compliance needs/requests necessary to support student success and student life at IUPUI and makes decisions based on campus priorities. This process takes place prior to the convening of the General Fee Advisory Board in the spring as these are two distinctly separate processes—one focusing on critical infrastructure needs and one focusing on programming requests. The infrastructure process occurs first in order to determine the monies available for the GFAB to allocate for programming requests.

Each spring (March/April), the GFAB is convened by the Dean of Students to review how previously allocated monies were used and to review programmatic requests for any new monies, if available. Students (4 undergraduate and 2 graduate) are appointed to the GFAB each year by the respective Presidents of the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Government. Faculty representation is appointed by the Student Affairs Faculty Council. Student Affairs representation is comprised of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, the Director of Assessment and Planning, and the Director of Finance for Student Affairs. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance for IUPUI also holds a position on the advisory board.

Each unit that has previously received general fee monies allocated by the GFAB completes a General Fee Funding Review/Request Form. This form details the primary programs and services of the unit, the number of students served, funding purpose and assessment of the prior year's funding, new requests for funding (if applicable), and the evaluation plan for request of any new funding allocation. A detailed budget is also submitted as part of the review/request form. The GFAB reviews all forms and then holds 30 minute presentations for any unit/student organization that is requesting additional funds for the upcoming fiscal year. The GFAB submits recommendations for approval or disapproval of programmatic funding requests to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs reviews the recommendations with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and then prepares documentation for final review by the Chancellor of IUPUI.